10th Annual Invest In Women


Kristin Andree

Founder, Business Strategist, The Andree Group

Catherine Avery

Founder, CAIM LLC.

Missie Beach, CFP®, CDFA®

Senior Financial Advisor, Wiser Wealth

Raluca Bighiu, CFP®

Senior Vice President and Family Wealth Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Stephanie Bogan

Founder, Limitless Advisor Coaching

Diane Bourdo

President, The Humphreys Group

Lisa Brown

Partner, CI Brightworth

Jovita Carranza

Former United States Administrator of the Small Business Administration, Former Treasurer of the United States

Melissa Carter

Multimedia Editor, Financial Advisor Magazine

Dee Dee Chadwick

Senior Director, Advanced Consulting Group, Nationwide

Michelle Connell, CFA

President/Owner, Portia Capital Management, LLC

Jennifer Connelly

Chief Executive Officer, JConnelly Inc.

Cammie Doder

Chief Marketing Officer, Partner, Aspiriant

Kamila Elliott

Co-Founder and CEO, Collective Wealth Partners

Abbey Flaum

Managing Director, HB Wealth Management

Heather Fortner

Chair, Chief Executive Officer, SignatureFD

Kimberly Foss

Senior Wealth Advisor, Mercer Advisors

Kim Crawford Goodman

Chief Executive Officer, Smarsh

Laura Gregg

Director of Practice Management and Advisor Research, FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

Hannah Shaw Grove

Chief Marketing Officer, Foundation Source

Mary Kate Gulick

Senior Vice President, Advisor Marketing, Carson Group

Jenna Bush Hager

Co-Host of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Gretchen Halpin

Co-Founder, Beyond AUM

Sheryl Hickerson

Founder, CEO, Females and Finance

Ashley Ilardo

Regional Director and Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dr. Sindhu Joseph

Founder and CEO of CogniCor

Lori Keith

Portfolio Manager, Parnassus Investments

Chrissy Lee

Chief Operating Officer, Merit Financial Advisors

Tracey Longo

Washington Editor, Financial Advisor Magazine

Kay Lynn Mayhue

President, Merit Financial Advisors

Stacey McKinnon

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Advisor, Morton Wealth

Francine Miltenberger

Managing Director, DeVoe & Company

Kristie Mitchell

Senior Manager, Schwab Charitable

Chloé Moore

Founder, Financial Staples

Carey Morgan

Founder, Livelihood Planning

Angie O’Leary

Head of Wealth Planning, RBC Wealth Management

Abbey O’Malley

Principal, Hidden Insights Group

Caroline Piehl

Partner and Financial Advisor, TimeWise Financial LLC

Mitali Prasad

Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst, Trillium Asset Management

Julie Ragatz, Ph.D

Vice President, NextGen and Advisor Development Programs, Carson Group

Padideh Nora Raphael

Global Head, Third Party Wealth Management Business, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

William Reichenstein, Ph.D

Head of Research, Social Security Solutions, Inc; Head of Research, Income Solver, Inc.

Tammy Robbins

Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Carol Lee Roberts

President, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

Antoinette Rodriguez

Chairwoman – Invest In Women, Financial Advisor Magazine

Marcy Ross

Sr. Consultant, Nationwide Financial Marketing

Jen Rutley

Founder and Principal, Hidden Insights Group

Leslie Samuelrich

President, Green Century Funds

Julie Schneider

SVP Global Atlantic Consulting, Global Atlantic Financial Company

Heather Schreiber

Owner, HLS Retirement Consulting

Meredith Schwarz

Vice President, Business Development, Wealth Enhancement Group

Leila Shaver

Founder and Managing Partner, My RIA Lawyer

Evan Simonoff

Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director, Financial Advisor Magazine

Suzanne Siracuse

Founder and CEO, Suzanne Siracuse Consulting, LLC

Laurie Stack

VP of Business Development and Head of the Avantax Women’s Advisor Forum

Jennifer Stephenson

Partner, Chief Planning Officer, SignatureFD.

Debra Brennan Tagg

President, BFS Advisory Group

Monali Vora

Global Head, Quantitative Equity Solutions, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Dr. Katy Votava

Founder and President, GOODCARE.com

Cathy Walker

Senior Manager, Professional Trustee and Philanthropic Solutions, RBC Wealth Management

Brie Williams

Head of Practice Management, State Street Global Advisors

Lauryn Williams

Founder, Worth Winning

Lisa Zeiderman

Managing Partner, Miller Zeiderman LLP