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Keynote Speakers


Anne Ackerley

Managing Director, Head of BlackRock’s Retirement Group

Mitch Anthony

Co-Founder, ROL Advisor

David Blanchett, PhD

Managing Director, Head of Retirement Research, DC Solutions at QMA

Clark Brown

Subject Matter Expert in Behavioral Finance, Coaching, and Practicing Advisor, Cannon Financial Institute

Phil Buchanan

Executive Chairman, Cannon Financial Institute

Gary Carrai

Executive Vice President, LPL Financial

Mark Casady

Founder & General Partner, Vestigo Ventures

Joe Coughlin

Director of MIT AgeLab

Larry Divers

Subject Matter Expert in Retirement Plan Administration and Planning Services, Cannon Financial Institute

Dr. Ken Dychtwald

Bestselling Author; Founder and CEO, Age Wave

Linda Eaton

Subject Matter Expert in Behavioral Finance, Coaching and Client Engagement, Cannon Financial Institute

Jason Fichtner, PhD

Chief Economist, The Bipartisan Policy Center and Head of the Retirement Income Institute

Terri Fiedler

President & CEO, AIG Financial Distributors

Dr. Jennifer Gongola, Ph.D.

Behavioral Science Research Manager, PIMCO

Steve Gresham

CEO, The Execution Project

Chris Heye, PhD

CEO and Founder of Whealthcare Solutions, Inc. and Whealthcare Planning LLC

Gary Holland

CEO, Charter Financial Publishing Network, Financial Advisor Magazine

Ben Huneke

Managing Director and Head of the Investments Solutions Group of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Jasmine Jirele

Chief Growth Officer/Incoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Kevin Keller

Chief Executive Officer, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board)

David Kelly

Chief Global Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Heather Kelly

Senior Vice President of Advisory Solutions and Strategic Accounts, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Elizabeth Koehler

Managing Director, Head of BlackRock Advisor Insights

David Lau

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DPL Financial Partners

Tony Leal

President, Envestnet | MoneyGuide

Ross Levin

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Accredited Investors Wealth Management®

Elizabeth Loewy

Co-Founder and COO, EverSafe

Jud Mackrill

CEO & Co-founder, MileMarker

James Martin

Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor, IronBridge Wealth Counsel, LLC

Tommy Martin

Mammoth CEO & Operating Manager and Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors CEO

Francis McAleer, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Wealth Planning, Global Wealth Solutions, Raymond James

John Moninger

Managing Director of Retail Sales, Eaton Vance

Bryan Montemurro

Financial Planner, Two West

Sangeeta Moorjani

Head of WI Employer Experience & Retirement Solutions, Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA

Shane Morrow

Partner & CIO, IronBridge Wealth Counsel, LLC

Simon Mulcahy

Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer of Salesforce

Kathleen A. Murphy

President, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments

Nalika Nanayakkara

Head of Wealth and Asset Management Consulting, EY

Cheryl Nash

Chief Executive Officer, InvestCloud Financial Supermarket Division

Paula Nelson

Co-Head Individual Markets, Global Atlantic Financial Group

Angie O’Leary

Head of Wealth Planning, RBC Wealth Management

Philip Orlando

Chief Equity Market Strategist, Head of Client Portfolio Management, Senior Vice President, Federated Hermes

Roger Paradiso

Head of Product Solutions, Franklin Templeton

Philip J. Pellegrino

Executive Director, Head of Insured Solutions, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Chris Perry

President, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

Todd Petit

Assistant Vice President for Advanced and Specialty Markets, Allianz

Craig Pfeiffer

CEO, The Money Management Institute

Leo Pusateri

President, CEO, Pusateri Consulting and Training

Michelle Rappa

Managing Director, Retirement Client Advisor, Neuberger Berman

Kristi Martin Rodriguez

Senior Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute®

Kevin J. Ruth

Founder, Finance411

Evamarie Schoenborn

President & CEO, Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company

Kabir Sethi

Managing Director, Head of Digital for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Dr. Avi Sharon, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Product Strategist, PIMCO

Jack Sharry

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeYield, LLC

Andrea Sheikh

Wealth Management Specialist, IronBridge Wealth Counsel, LLC

Evan Simonoff

Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director, Financial Advisor Magazine

Ed Slott

President, Ed Slott And Company LLC

Gavin Spitzner

President, Wealth Consulting Partners, LLC

Amanda Stahl

Director, Longevity Planning, Raymond James

Greg Sullivan

Principal, Co-CEO, SBSB Financial Advisors

Mark Tibergien

Principal, Mark Tibergien Insights LLC

Christina Townsend

Managing Director, Advisor Solutions, BNY Mellon | Pershing

Katharine Wade

Principal, Dunraven Strategies

Corey Walther

President of Allianz Life Financial Services, LLC