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Keynote Speakers


Anne Ackerley

Managing Director, Head of BlackRock’s Retirement Group

Rick Adkins

President and CEO, The Arkansas Financial Group

Kimberly Beck

Head of Marketing, iPipeline

Tom Bradley

Managing Director, Schwab Advisor Services

Ken Cella

Principal, Branch Development at Edward Jones

Wayne Chopus

President and CEO, Insured Retirement Institute

Dr. Daniel Crosby

Psychologist; Behavioral Finance Expert; Bestselling Author

Larry Divers

Executive Vice President, Subject Matter Expert, Cannon Financial Institute

Dr. Ken Dychtwald

Bestselling Author; Founder and CEO, Age Wave

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz SE

David Emson

Financial Planning Associate, The Kelly Group

Marybeth Kelly Emson

Senior Vice President, The Kelly Group

Jason Fichtner, Ph.D

Chief Economist, The Bipartisan Policy Center

Michael Finke, Ph.D

Professor & Frank M. Engle Chair of Economic Security Research, The American College of Financial Services

Jed Finn

Head of Corporate and Institutional Solutions; Chief Operating Officer, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Glen Franklin

Director of Customer Research, Jackson National

Steve Gresham

CEO, The Execution Project

Michael Harris

Senior Education Advisor, Alliance for Lifetime Income

Jasmine Jirele

President and CEO, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Jenny Johnson

President and CEO, Franklin Templeton

Robert S. Kapito

President and Director, BlackRock

Brian Kelly, Sr.

Founder, Director, The Kelly Group

Brian Kelly, Jr.

Executive Director, The Kelly Group

Heather Kelly

Senior Vice President of Advisory Solutions and Strategic Accounts, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Elizabeth Koehler

Managing Director, Head of BlackRock Advisor Insights

Anne Lester

Education Fellow, Retirement Income Institute

Ross Levin

Founder, Accredited Investors Wealth Management®

Michael Liersch

Head of Advice and Planning, Wealth & Investment Management, Wells Fargo & Company

Frank McAleer

Senior Vice President, WealthPlanning, Global Wealth Solutions, Raymond James

Myles McHale

President and Founder, Wealthcare Advisers and Consultants, LLC

Dan Moisand

Principal, Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC

Nalika Nanayakkara

Head of Wealth and Asset Management Consulting, EY

Cheryl Nash

Chief Executive Officer, InvestCloud Financial Supermarket

Chris Nekvinda, Ph.D

Director of Global Learning, Cannon Financial Institute

Suzanne Norman

Education Fellow, Retirement Income Institute

Angie O’Leary

Head of Wealth Planning, RBC Wealth Management

Rose Palazzo

Group Head, Envestnet MoneyGuide

Wade Pfau, Ph.D.

Co-Director, American College Center for Retirement Income; RICP® Program Director, The American College of Financial Services

Craig Pfeiffer

President & CEO, Money Management Institute

Paul Richman

Chief Government and Political Affairs Officer, Insured Retirement Institute

Michelle Richter

Founder, Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC; Executive Director, Institutional Retirement Income Council

Kevin Ruth

Senior Vice President, Raymond James Private Wealth

Carrie Schroen

Divisional Director, BlackRock

Jack Sharry

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeYield, LLC

Ainslie Simmonds

President, Pershing X

Evan Simonoff

Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director, Financial Advisor Magazine

Amanda Stahl

Director, Longevity Planning, Raymond James

Jeff Strunk

Managing Partner, Forbes-Tate Partners

Jeannie Underwood-Kotner

Senior Vice President, Global Atlantic Consulting

Corey Walther

President of Allianz Life Financial Services, LLC

Burt White

Chief Strategy Officer, Carson Group

Kelley Williams

Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Forbes-Tate Partners