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Agenda 2023

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June 14, 2023

9:45am – 10:25am
Welcome & Interview with Ed Yardeni

The Fed, the Economy, and the Markets: A Fireside Chat with Ed Yardeni

The Federal Reserve and Fed policy are squarely in focus at this time. Will policymakers pause their rate-hiking campaign? Will they skip a meeting (or more)? Or will they forge ahead to keep inflation in check, despite recent banking sector turmoil and questions about the economic outlook?

Join Ed Yardeni, President of Yardeni Research, for a fireside chat on these topics – and more – with MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson. Ed’s guidance will be critical for helping you and your clients navigate the markets in the second half of 2023.

Michael Larson – Editor-In-Chief, MoneyShow
Ed Yardeni – President, Yardeni Research

10:30am – 11:05am

The Progression of Surgical Robotics: Introducing the SSi Mantra System

Exploring the revolution and evolution in surgical robotics, the SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System epitomizes advanced technologies that enhance accessibility, paving the way for affordable robotic surgery and contributing significantly to the future of affordable healthcare. 

Dr. Sudhir Srivastava – Founder, Chairman, & CEO, SS Innovations 

11:10am – 12:00pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Asset Allocation Outlook

Sébastien Page, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Global Multi Asset covers the global market environment, asset class perspectives, key themes & T. Rowe Price Asset Allocation Committee positioning. Page will discuss the impact of higher rates on long-term expected returns for stocks and bonds. He will also discuss important topics in portfolio construction from his book Beyond Diversification, such as the impact of “Black Swans;” the failure of diversification during financial crises; whether portfolio optimization adds value to asset allocation decisions; the evolution of target date strategies; and whether the 60/40 portfolio is “dead.”

Sébastien Page – Head of Global Multi-Asset and Chief Investment Officer at T. Rowe Price

12:05pm – 12:35pm

The Changing Retirement Landscape

Interest rates, inflation and the bond market set the guardrails for retirement plans and investments and conditions in financial markets have shifted dramatically in the last year. In this session, an award-winning bond fund professional and former manager of Yale University’s endowment will conduct a 360-degree examination of the ramifications of recent changes in the economy and what they mean for today’s and tomorrow’s retirees.

Dan Fuss – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Loomis, Sayles, & Company

12:40pm – 1:30pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Future of Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning continues to evolve in light of current macro and demographic shifts in the United States. Learn about the major factors shifting the retirement income landscape and how advisors can get ahead of this shift. Jamie Hopkins will discuss the concept of rewirement and how nudges or improved policy decisions can shift the landscape for the better. 

Jamie Hopkins – Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, Director of Retirement Research, Carson Group

1:35pm – 2:05pm

Inflation, interest Rates And Portfolio Construction

Inflation and interest rates have changed the dynamic of retirement investing since the pandemic. Generating income is easier but there is a possibility that a return to 2% inflation/CPI is not a possibility.  (This is especially problematic for retirees.) As inflation continues to linger, how should you be allocating your clients’ portfolios, as well as counseling them on their retirement spending?

Michelle Connell – President/Owner, Portia Capital Management, LLC

2:10pm – 3:00pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Disrupting Financial Services With Retirement Intelligence

Retirement Intelligence is a new framework to assess and measure personal retirement-readiness. The resulting RQ score not only uses personality, behaviors, and expectations to identify strengths and areas of opportunity across a variety of factors known to closely affect the retirement transition but also provides industry disrupting research, insights, and trends.  

Robert Laura – President, SYNERGOS Financial Group

3:05pm – 3:35pm

How the Best Advisors are Getting Better

The top 100 wealth management practices have increased revenues 48% since 2021, even though assets are up just 10%.

New industry data shows that clients want help with more complex issues, especially retirement and longevity planning.

Learn more about the three most impactful strategies being used by top wealth managers, including the all-important details of what clients are seeking, how the advisors are reacting and a forecast of the forward trends for each strategy.

Steve Gresham – Managing Principal, NextChapter

3:40pm – 4:30pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Better Planning Through Pictures & Stories

A financial plan is only as good as how closely it’s followed. And clients can only stick with the plan if they understand what you’re telling them. While clients may cerebrally understand concepts like inflation and cost of living, the full meaning of how they may impact their financial plan doesn’t really sink in. In Better Planning Through Pictures & Stories, Erin Wood CFP(R) will share her framework for making important planning concepts clear, real, and relatable so clients can better understand the “why” of their plans, and will be more likely to adopt the behaviors that lead to better plan outcomes. Erin has contributed to multiple trade and national media outlets with her unique approach to humanizing financial planning. This presentation has a 100% attendee satisfaction rate, and gives advisors meaningful, actionable meeting structures and examples to implement at their planning meetings.

Erin Wood – Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Advance Solutions, Carson Group

4:30 pm
Day 1 Ends

June 15, 2023

11:00am – 11:10am
Welcome & Opening Remarks

Michael Larson – Editor-In-Chief, MoneyShow

11:10am – 12:00pm

Preparing Your Business For A New Retirement Landscape

In the past decade, financial advisors have enjoyed unprecedented success. Longevity will change retirement in ways that are just starting to emerge.

But what worked in the past 10 years won’t work in the coming 10 years. Ric will reveal why the advice you’ve been giving is now outdated, and how you can build a practice that will thrive in the next 10 years and beyond.

During this provocative and inspiring event, you will learn how to create the “practice of the future” and reach new levels of success. Ric will share the insights that helped him build the most successful RIA in history.

Ric Edelman – Founder, Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals

12:05pm – 12:35pm

A Deep Dive Into Different Retirement Income Styles

Different individuals gravitate towards retirement income styles that reveal their preferences. Some favor outcomes that are certain while other retirees who are less risk-averse prefer to let market probabilities work to their advantage. In this session, one of America’s leading retirement experts looks in detail how these different individuals approach retirement income and what the implications for advisors are.

Wade Pfau, Ph.D – Co-Founder of Retirement Income Style Awareness, LLC

12:40pm – 1:10pm

How To Avert (And Prepare For) A Recession

The economy is slowing down rapidly. Can we sidestep a recession? Learn how a leading Washington policy expert believes investors should prepare in case a serious downturn materializes.

Stephen Moore – Senior Fellow in Economics, The Heritage Foundation

1:15pm – 2:05pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Tax-Efficient Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

In this session, two leading experts will present a detailed look how a multi-phased, dynamic, withdrawal strategy works. how to minimize taxes. They will compare it to other approaches used by advisors and will use one case example to show how tax efficient withdrawal strategies add value.

Bill Meyer – Founder and CEO, Income Solver
William Reichenstein – Principal of Research, Retiree Income and

2:10pm – 2:40pm

Navigating Oil and Gas Investments for Success

An Introduction to Performing Due Diligence for Private Oil and Gas Investment, this presentation provides an overview of the key steps and considerations for investors when evaluating private oil and gas investments. 

Steve Blackwell – CEO and Managing Partner, Invito Energy Partners 

2:45pm – 3:35pm

1 Hour / CFP Board and I&WI CE Credits

Retirement Alpha: How Mortality Credits Improve Retirement Outcomes

Join Tom Hegna for a stimulating session on how the insurance industry is uniquely situated to solve the boomer retirement crisis. In a low interest rate environment, CD’s and Bonds are not going to give the adequate “alpha” necessary to provide adequate income to retirees. Utilize “Retirement Alpha” by using life insurance and guaranteed lifetime income from a life insurance company. He will discuss the importance of securing Alpha and how it is essential in every retirees plan.

Tom Hegna – Former Senior Executive Officer, New York Life

3:40pm – 4:10pm

How to Strengthen and Protect Client Portfolios in Retirement

Equity returns are moving to a period of normalization as we experience higher levels of interest rates. Markets have become more volatile, and risk control is more important than ever. As a result, a focus on high dividends AND dividend growth should prove effective in adding a level of certainty as investors rely on an income stream for retirement. 

Catherine Avery – Founder, CAIM LLC 

4:10 pm
Conference Ends